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High Vibe Groups & Seminars

Group sessions and seminars are for people who are interested in feeling good, and being, doing, and having all they desire.  We cover high vibing basics and engage in some of the essential high vibing practices.  You will gain clarity about your top priority desires and what your next step is in their delicious fulfillment! 


Three 1 1/2 hour sessions, $125 for the series

For more information or to register, Contact Beth at:

Intention Incubator

Monthly one hour conference call where we share our intentions within a community of powerful listening. This is for 'advanced' practitioners of appreciation, who are dedicated to feeling good themselves, and enjoy being uplifters.  These high vibe intensives are fun pick-me-ups where friends gather to share intentions (and discover new ones), support each other through challenges, and learn how to feel even better all the time.

$20/call. To reserve your space or for more information, Contact Beth at:

High Vibe Coaching


Do you want one-on-one support in learning how to keep your vibe high?



Using the practices in the book along with others that fit for you, we’ll create a structure together, so you are able to raise your vibrations in every moment.


I am dedicated to your well-being, and our time together is all about YOU and deliberately creating and allowing what you desire!


!!!Your own personal cheerleader!!!


These one-on-one sessions are available to people who have participated in High Vibe Groups & Seminars, or by referral only.

Session (45 minutes, by phone): $100

First session (1 hour to an hour and a half, by phone): $165


To Schedule or For More Information Contact Beth at:


High Vibe Consulting

For More Information Contact Beth at: .