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There are many teachings about the practices of appreciation and gratitude.  This may be the single most important practice in living a truly wonderful and happy life because it raises vibrations so quickly and effectively. Find as much to appreciate throughout the day as you can.  You may choose to appreciate something happening in the moment, something you’re remembering or something imagined.


Acquiring an attitude of appreciation may take some practice.  When I’m in bed, right before I go to sleep, I give thanks for the many wonderful things, situations, and people in my life.  It’s a really good feeling to end my day with these uplifting thoughts.  Gratitude Journals are also useful for recording your gratitudes and appreciations daily.  I recommend expressing Appreciation and Gratitude as the final practice of the day to ensure you wrap up the day and begin the sleeping segment on a positive note.



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Recommended Books & Audio

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires. 

Many of the practices we refer to in the High Vibe Guide are detailed in this book.  If you get only one other book, this is the one I would recommend because it is uplifting and the processes are well spelled out.  I also enjoy listening to audio recordings of their workshops. You may wish to visit their website for more information:


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