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Beth Rosenthal’s High Vibe Guide is a necessity for everyone’s spiritual library. Not only is it a fundamental structure to develop and instill spiritual practices, but it is a great resource! Her brevity and clarity on such key subjects helped me get back on track on many occasions….
Mary M.

Beth, you are living the principles and it shows!  You're a wonderful role model.  The handouts were helpful, as was your skillful manner of working with a group.
Janet S.

I loved it all!  The exercises and tools are great!  Meeting with a group of high vibing people pumps me up to higher vibes!
Jenn S.

Beth, I wanted to thank you, again, for a super-positively-charged meeting at Transitions on Saturday. You are such a lucid, loving and potent messenger; I really value your Work in the world! Also, I loved loved loved your masterful handling of the self-promoting-author near the end of the session. It just reinforced your class and graciousness. Bravo!!!
Erika H., Creator of
P.S. I'm familiar with the Abraham-Hicks material, but I'm very grateful for how expertly you lifted and distilled the most essential stuff from it. Reading and meditating on your words feels like a hot knife going through butter... Easy indeed!

Beth, You were absolutely amazing the other night. I think you have really discovered, and are using your gifts. You go girl! Outstanding job!
Gale K., Founder Conscious Living, Corporate and Personal Transformation

Playshop participants on what they found most valuable:

"the different techniques you shared such as the Universal To Do list, setting intentions, pumping up my desires.  Also the physical examples wiht hangers.  I love examples."

"ideas on how to reframe my thinking"

"the open discussions and interaction"

"hearing other people's application of tools and their personal stories; all the sheets with the tools.  Beth's style/tone of conducting the workshop.  Actual, practical tools."

"the reinforcement of how to use the techniques of allowing"

"sharing of experiences and the awareness which Beth imparted"

About Beth Rosenthal

My mission is connecting and joyfully co-creating.  Staying connected with my Self so I can be connected with others and be of service is my primary focus.  I love connecting people with resources, and collaborating to create wonderful things!  I also love being around kids and their energy and authentic truth.

I love learning, both in the traditional academic sense, having earned a PhD and an MBA degree from the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business, a Masters degree in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley, and a BA from the University of Michigan, and in the nontraditional sense by exploring a wide variety of spiritual and personal growth teachings.  Some of the personal development programs and philosophies I have been involved in are: Abraham-Hicks, Avatar, Hoffman Quadrinity Process, Landmark Education, PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills), and the Silva Method. This book is a culmination of my extensive exposure and experience with a wide variety of personal development tools.


I am an author, an entrepreneur, a personal life coach, a playshop facilitator, and the Founder and Executive Director of Healing Centers United, a networking association and information clearinghouse for and about healing centers (, and Assistant Directory of the Academic Consortium for Complementary and Alternative Healthcare (ACCAHC -


My favorite self care practices these days include walking along the Lake or ocean, yoga, and dancing.  Of course I love eating well too, and really appreciate being near wonderful farmers markets.


I love traveling and live in La Jolla, California; Chicago; and Northern Michigan throughout the year.


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